Sunday, December 16, 2012

A new milestone today!

I always get excited when I see Levi do something for the first time.  Today, Levi climbed down the stairs by himself.  When he got to the edge of the stairs, he turned himself around and made his way down backwards.  Of course I was behind him all the way but he certainly didn’t need my help.  Usually he would attempt to go head first so it was wonderful to see him maneuver himself down. Way to go buddy!

Over the pass few weeks it seems like Levi has really taking a liking to coloring.  He does a pretty good job of grasping the crayons in his hand but he doesn’t have enough strength to apply a lot of pressure. So his drawings are very light but he doesn’t seem to mind. Lately we have been giving him markers when he wants to color.  They are thicker, so they are easier for him to hold and you don’t need a lot of pressure to make a mark on the paper.  He does like to use multiple colors so it is important to have a nice selection in front of him.  He likes to take the caps on and off by himself and he does a pretty good job of it. It is great to see the improvement in his hands.  He works so hard in therapy during the week and he is doing so well.  

Here is Levi during an OT session at United Cerebral Palsy:

Flu Update:

We are still working on getting healthy.  Hannah seems to have gotten through this.  I am getting a little better everyday.  Rachel seems to be having a little bit of a relapse.  We are concerned that she may have bronchitis. We are going to take her back to the doctor today.  Levi spent the weekend at his grandmother's.  So far he shows no signs of catching this. I feel like if we can make it through the next few days we will be good.

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