Thursday, December 27, 2012

A simple conversation

Yesterday Caroline had a very simple conversation with Levi.  The girls were coloring in the playroom.  Levi was in there too and looked to be interested in coloring as well.  Caroline asked him if he would like to color.  We usually ask him questions based on his hand gestures or when he signs.  He doesn’t usually respond verbally. We just put him in position to do whatever it is he asked for.  This time when Caroline asked him if he wanted to color, he said “yeah”.  She asked him again.  Again he answered, “yeah”.  Needless to say this caught Caroline a little off guard. She said ok and told him to go sit in a chair.  Levi promptly went over to a chair and sat down.  Caroline gave him a piece a paper and crayons and he began to color.

This little conversation was so awesome. Caroline and I both know that he understands a lot of different things but it is usually a case of us acknowledging him instead of him acknowledging us.  Also for him to verbalize it is very exciting.  I hope this is the beginning of many little conversations with Levi.

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