Friday, January 25, 2013

The week in review


Levi had a fantastic week.  It started off with an OT evaluation that confirms he is making excellent progress.  He was evaluated at a 23 month year old skill set.  He can now stack up to 5 blocks which is up from when I last participated in his OT session a few months ago.  He is also able to draw but doesn’t yet imitate straight lines or circles.  This is great progress.  Sometime I feel like I under estimate his abilities which I think is natural.  The other day at therapy he was asked to sort colors.  The task was to take these colored bears and place them in the same color bucket.  Before anyone could show him what to do, he was doing it!  If anybody would have asked me if he could sort colors I would have said no.  I just had never seen him do it. I think from now on I will just assume he CAN do these things.
Also this week Levi had a chance to hang out for a few minutes in Rachel’s VPK class.  When he arrived they were all sitting in a circle.  Levi immediately went to join them.  He even tried to sit like them with his legs straight out.  This is really difficult for him as he doesn’t have the balance and it is tough for him to keep himself up with his arms.  That didn’t stop him from trying though. When we see him do these little things we just know he is going to do very well in school. The social aspect which he desperately needs and the opportunity to mimic the other children will do wonders for him.

Levi finished his week at his swim lesson.  While he was waiting, he wanted me to hold him by his hands so he could walk around.  I noticed for the first time that his feet were straight and not turning in as they normally do.  I don’t know if this is from the new braces, if his legs are getting stronger or both.  Either way this is fantastic progress.  Like I have said before, this is the year Levi will walk!  What a great way to end the week.

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